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6th June 2012

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grant perfection gustin.

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29th April 2012

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grant. (L)

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1st March 2012

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i was distracted by your giant horse teeth.

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13th February 2012

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adorable grant is adorable. wish i could not-hate his character, but it’s impossible.

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27th January 2012

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you’ve been struck by.

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27th January 2012

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santana + sebastian singing together = sex in the form of music.


GLEE - Full Performance of “Smooth Criminal” airing TUE 1/31 (by GleeOnFox)

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14th January 2012

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Grant!

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9th December 2011

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↳ Grant Gustin.


↳ Grant Gustin.

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3rd December 2011

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bring him down, kurt. o/

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9th November 2011

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sebastian smyth. i hate the character, but grant gustin’s smile kills me. =P

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